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Fishing  Trips


Our trip starts from Pythagorion harbour at 09:00 in the morning and we return at 17:0p in the afternoon. Together we are going to fish and swim in the most beautiful places of the Eatern and Southern Samos related to the weather conditions of the area. During the day, on the ship we will taste fresh fish that we will catch along with local products and Samian wine.

Duration: 8 hours

Place: East and South Samos

Package Benefits: Food, Drinks, Fishing equipment

DSC_0740 23 (130).jpg

We start from the harbour of Pythagorion at 18:00 and we return at 22:00. We will head towards the east or south of Samos for seasonal fishing of squid, mackerel   or traditional longline.

Duration: 4 hours

Place: East and South of Samos

Package benefits: Fishing equipment

Fish Hook

Do you want the boat for you or your company? Do you want to choose type of fishing and area? (always if the weather conditions allow it).

Please contact us and book whatever you want whenever you want.

Upon request

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